31 Days of Journaling Prompts

For the month of October, I am going to participate in writing on a single topic for 31 days. The idea came from The Nester. I had a really hard time coming up with a topic that I felt like I knew well enough to write about for 31 days. I looked through last year’s participants for ideas, and then I looked through them again before I really decided what I wanted to do.

Since I like Five Minute Friday and almost always participate in those, I am going to go with that style and theme. I have written a list of 31 one-word journaling prompts that I am going to write about this month, one day at a time. Since my writing has been rather sporadic lately, and I seem to start posts and never finish them, I’m hoping that this will keep me inspired to write daily.

Would you like to pick a topic and join in? Pick a topic that you feel comfortable writing about for 31 days. The Nester suggests picking a topic that is broad enough that you can write 31 posts about it without getting sick of it, but specific enough that it feels like a series. Consider having a really specific title. There are no rules! YAY! She also has some buttons that you can snag to edit with your title. There are hundreds of people participating in the 31 Day Challenge, so we’re in good company!

Would you like to participate in 31 Days of Journaling Prompts? I have listed all of the month’s prompts below for you to plan out in advance, or if you want to be spontaneous I’ll post the day’s entry everyday at 12:01 am, so you will know in plenty of time what the day’s topic is. I have a button below that you can snag and upload it for your own use.

The Complete List:
Day 1 – Dreams
Day 2 – Balance
Day 3 – Habit
Day 4 – Motivation
Day 5 – Marriage
Day 6 – Vacation
Day 7 – Green
Day 8 – Family
Day 9 – Volunteer
Day 10 – Love
Day 11 – Introversion
Day 12 – Acceptance
Day 13 – Peace
Day 14 – Mentor
Day 15 – Exercise
Day 16 – Pets (Dogs)
Day 16 – Pets (Cats)
Day 17 – Strength
Day 18 – Gratitude
Day 19 – Confessions
Day 20 – Cooking
Day 21 – Fall
Day 22 – Winter
Day 23 – Spring
Day 24 – Summer
Day 25 – Writing
Guest Post – On Being A Writer
Day 26 – Joy
Day 27 – Excuses
Day 28 – Contentment
Day 29 – Inspiration
Day 30 – Potential
Day 31 – Future


16 thoughts on “31 Days of Journaling Prompts

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  3. I’m such a fan of journaling. I always feel as though it’s conversation time with God. Whatever I start writing about changes and melts as I cover the page in ink until I look back and realize…. hmmm, that isn’t what I was thinking or even concerned with today. I’m either brilliant or someone else is doing some creative work on this page!

    • Yes, exactly! When I write in my handwritten journal it ends up being like that. I usually just write my stream of consciousness there and let the words flow out of my pen as fast as I can write them. It usually helps me clarify my thoughts and recognize what is (or isn’t) important.

      I’m glad you stopped by my blog, and appreciate very much the link to my blog that you included in your entry today. I subscribed to your blog, as I am an avid book reader and look forward to seeing what books you recommend. What a great topic you chose!

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