31 Days of Journaling Prompts: Volunteer

Day 9: Volunteer

I have a heart for volunteer work. I get a huge blessed feeling when I am able to give back by donating my time to a worthy cause. I can’t really say where it began or what exactly gave me the heart to enjoy it, but my dad would probably say that I am a bleeding heart liberal.

In college I didn’t go for the sorority thing, but I was very involved in a couple of service organizations on campus. One was the Environmental Club where we got the community started in recycling and also handed out dorm-safe plants to new freshmen. The other was Alpha Phi Omega. A Phi O uses greek letters, but they are a co-ed service fraternity not associated with the social fraternities and sororities. We were very active on campus with all sorts of community service projects and fundraisers for various things. It was perfect for me!

Once I graduated college, I had an empty space in my heart where volunteer work had been. I went a few years with that empty feeling before I was able to start finding ways to get involved again. I’ve sorted clothes to be sent to Africa at a thrift shop, helped out at the local food bank, made TONS of cookies for fundraisers where I used to work, cleaned flower beds at the county fairgrounds, and so many other activities.

The past couple of years, most of my volunteer work has been more about donating money than my time. I want to get more involved with volunteering my time again. Some day I’m going to work at the Nashville Rescue Mission and for Habitat for Humanity. They’re on my list!

Nashville has an awesome program called Hands On Nashville where volunteer projects in the area are posted for people to sign up to volunteer. If you live in Nashville, you should definitely check it out. If not, check to see if your community has something like this. I had never heard of Hands On Nashville until the May 2010 Flood in Nashville. I’m pretty sure that Hands On Nashville played a huge part in the Nashville community coming together during that time to get our city back in order.

The absolute best volunteer work I’ve been part of is the one where I don’t even feel like I am a volunteer. I am a Big Sister! My Little Sister and I were matched in 2009 when she was just 6 years old. She’s now 10 and has grown into a beautiful and smart young lady. I love spending time with her and being there while she grows and experiences new things. I want to go ahead and tell you all about her, but I’m saving that writing for the Journaling Prompt for Mentor on Sunday. If you’ve ever thought about being a Big Brother or Big Sister, then be sure to come back yo my blog on Sunday! It’s high on the list of  the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had in my life.

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3 thoughts on “31 Days of Journaling Prompts: Volunteer

  1. I love reading your thoughts and all the things you do.. .But it almost always makes me cry because it makes my heart Happy to see the Young Woman you have become….. and even when you were in the 1st grade and writing 3 lines for just 1 spelling word I had such joy even then reading them..I still tell people how you have always loved writing…I love YOU..baby girl…<3<3<3

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  3. love this ❤ Volunteering or charity work is also very important to me. This shows you heart for helping and I love that! I have never done the big sister thing, but it sounds very rewarding. It's really cool that you make a difference in others lives 🙂

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