About Tonya

My Family on Our Wedding Day
February 29, 2012

Hi, my name is Tonya. I am 36 years old (never ashamed of my age!) and live in Nashville, Tennessee with my husband, David. I am a mom to three dogs (Copper, Penny and Maggie), and Shelton (pictured above), who passed away in June 2013. As rare as it may seem in the blogging world, we are one of those couples who have chosen not to have human children. I run across many Mommy bloggers that I enjoy keeping up with, however if you are childless by choice I’d enjoy hearing from you, too.

I am originally from Mount Juliet, Tennessee, and have called the Nashville area HOME all my life. I am one of those rare Nashville natives! I work in healthcare IT, providing scheduling support for my fellow employees and testing the changes made to the software that we use.

In July 2012 I had Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass surgery. Occasionally, I talk about my surgery, my compulsive overeating and food addiction on my blog. Weight Loss Surgery is not the easy way out. Even after surgery I still have struggles, and I have to remind myself daily to hand it over to God.

My favorite color is pink, I have a love for bacon, and I still like Hello Kitty 😀

My Story has more information on why I am blogging.


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