31 Days of Journaling Prompts: Love

Day 10: Love

Love is a common topic. Love is everywhere. What area of media or information doesn’t talk about love? Movies, Books, Poems, Songs, Television, and so on. We’re surrounded by the topic and hopefully most everyone is surrounded by the love of friends and family. Love is one of those things that we don’t have spend money to give, yet often times we hold it in for fear of it being taken for granted. Love can hurt when it’s not reciprocated.

One thing about love that we often forget is that to love and accept people in your life doesn’t mean that you have to agree with their actions. I’m not going to claim this reminder as something that I came up with. Pastor Pete at CrossPoint is the one who reminded me of it a couple of weeks ago with a sermon in The Reckless Ones series. This series has truly touched my heart, as well as being on topic for today’s journaling prompt. The Reckless Ones is about loving people regardless of who they are and what they do. Simply love them!

I wrote more about this a month ago when I talked about how I want to be known. I’ll say it again:
I want to be known for my love of God and my love of people, no matter who they are. I want my love to shine through and be obvious to the people that I encounter. 

I think next week is the last in the series at church, and it’s probably the one series that has touched me the most since I started attending CrossPoint back in the spring. Something else that stood out to me in this series was from last week, where in our small group, we talked about what changes when loving someone is more important than being right. I recently had an experience like this with someone on Facebook who posted something that I didn’t agree with in regards to how she perceives Christians. I’m not one to argue with people on the internet, but I fell into the trap of saying that not all Christians are like the person she described, and she proceeded to give me examples. Instead of continuing the argument, I simply told her that I love her. I’m not sure if it meant anything to her, but maybe it planted that seed.

“Three things will last forever–faith, hope, and love–and the greatest of these is love.” – I Corinthians 13:13

How do you want to be known? Can you love and accept someone without agreeing with their actions? 

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