Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

What is the hardest word for you to say?

Elton John couldn’t have said it better in that line of his song: Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.

It’s not easy to admit when we’re wrong, especially when the other person is right. It’s like we’ve lost a battle if we admit we’re wrong.

It’s not easy to admit when we’ve wronged someone. It’s embarrassing that we’ve done something to hurt another person.

However, when the tables were turned, don’t we feel better when someone admits to us that they were wrong, and they apologize? Saying I’m Sorry are the hardest most challenging words, but they are also the words that lead to a better road for everyone involved.

Pastor Pete wrote about this recently,

Why are these two words so problematic? One word… Pride.
There are few words that can change the bearing of a conversation, defuse anger, and convey the kind of healing power those two words can.

He nailed it! Pride keeps us from admitting when we’re wrong. We might not have been wrong on purpose, thinking all along that we were right. Being wrong isn’t always vengeful or mean-spirited. In fact, those times are probably more difficult to admit. Have you ever been so sure that something you’ve said was right only to find out that it wasn’t? Yeah, those times. However, admitting you’re wrong builds character and confidence that other people have in you. They will know that you take your words seriously and aren’t so arrogant that you always think you’re right. You know those people.

Think about this the next time pride takes over, and you fear saying you’re sorry. Most of all, see the situation from the other person’s perspective and think about how you would want to be treated if you were the one who was wronged.

What do you have difficulty saying? Have you ever needed to say you’re sorry but pride took over? 

During the month of November, I am participating in the National Blog Posting Month, also known as NaBloPoMo, hosted by BlogHer. Most likely I am following these suggested prompts, but I might just get crazy and change things up every once in a while. I‘m one wild and crazy gal! 

NaBloPoMo November 2012


Just Write!

When it comes to writing, it’s like I have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. Actually, most of my life is like that, but it’s more Pros and Cons on each shoulder. I debate everything in my head and often have a difficult time making decisions.

I’ve put off writing again, even though I feel the words in my head just fighting to get out. I make excuses as to why I shouldn’t bother writing, so usually the negative side wins.

This time I’m making a goal to write for 5 minutes every day. I like Lisa Jo Baker’s 5 Minute Friday, and I need something like that every day. Even though I don’t always write my 5 Minute Friday on Fridays, I look forward to having SOMETHING to write about at least once a week. So I am going to work on setting a timer for 5 minutes and just writing whatever comes out of my head. It’s my goal for the next couple of weeks, at least.

I had a terrible, terrible headache again last night, and I fear that it might have been a (lack of) caffeine headache or a delayed withdrawal from not taking OTC pain killers for the past month, because the headache had gone on for 9 straight hours of stabbing pain, but within an hour of taking 2 Aleve and a cup of coffee (at 10pm last night), my headache was gone. While I was glad that the headache was gone, it also meant that I was awake until 2am this morning and a fear that my OTC pain killer or caffeine addiction has reared a very ugly head at me then stuck out it’s tongue and blew a raspberry at me.

Yeah, like that.

I’m having a second cup of coffee this morning and hope that I’ll stave off the headache monster today. I really don’t want to go back to the daily headaches again.


Wow! The topic of Expectation is just what I needed to write about this morning, despite being a few days late in participating. I had been feeling slightly guilty for not posting more regularly here, but now I realize that it was the high expectations I place on myself that was churning up the guilt monster. One thing I can say for sure is that I blog for my own pleasure…to get the words out of my head. I know most bloggers blog so that someone will read their words or pleasing their sponsors or get more followers….and that’s cool! That’s what they hope to achieve from their blog. For me, it’s for the clarity of my mind. I love receiving comments and knowing people are reading my thoughts, but I don’t feel like a failure if I don’t.

I’m still battling headaches. I saw my doctor last week, and she thinks it’s from my severe TMJ. So as of Wednesday, I am taking muscle relaxers at bed time and haven’t had a single OTC pain reliever, such as ibuprofen or naproxen. I’m still having headaches, but I’m hoping that it’s from the rebound headaches that come when you have taken NSAIDs on a regular basis….for years. My doctor said that it could take a month for them to get out of my system, so I’m just trying to take it easy lately when I have headaches instead of turning to the pill bottle.

The GoodReads daily quote this morning also spoke to me and my questioning of faith.

“It’s really a wonder that I haven’t dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” — Anne Frank

That is an amazing combination of words (which is all quotes REALLY are) that mean so much to me lately and from an amazingly strong young woman! I hope to keep that in mind today and the next time my faith, morals or beliefs are questioned by someone else or even myself.

Have a good day, my friends! It’s so much better than the alternative!