31 Days of Journaling Prompts: Spring

Day 23: Spring

Over four days, I’m going to write about my thoughts on each of the seasons. Yesterday I wrote about Winter, and the day before that I wrote about Fall. Both days I mentioned that neither are my favorite season. Did you guess that maybe Spring is my favorite season? Well, you guessed correctly!

I love Spring because of all the new beginnings in nature remind me that our lives have seasons, too. Sometimes in life there’s miserable heat like Summer, then changes like Fall cold and dark like Winter, but then Spring rolls around to give us a fresh start. There’s almost always opportunities in life for a do-over or a restart, and if it doesn’t fall exactly like that then we can always learn from our past so that we’ll be better prepared for the future.

For about as long as I can remember, I have loved Spring, especially when it starts warming up and the color returns to the earth. I am usually in a much better spirit when Spring arrives, and I often start wanting to do more. A few years here and there, I have planted a small garden, and this year was one of those years. I love cooking with fresh herbs, so my dad helped me transplant some sage and rosemary that I had grown at my parents house a couple of years ago, then I added some dill, cilantro, oregano, thyme and basil to my garden this year. I live in a suburb with very little land, but my dad built me some boxes for square foot gardening, which made it a bit easier to weed and not take up too much space. I also grew some tomatoes, banana peppers and tried to grow some bell peppers (that never really grew before the bugs attacked them). Dad also got me two cabbage plants that I didn’t think were going to make it, but just in the past couple of weeks with the weather cooling, I think they might end up producing. I’m already looking forward to seeing what green I can add to my garden next year!

With Spring, we get all the beautiful flowers blossoming and showing us their beauty. The previous owners of our house planted a couple of irises and daffodils that grow in front of my house. Tennessee is more known for purple irises (our state flower), but our irises are a beautiful white. Forsynthia bushes with their bright yellow flowers are another favorite of mine. Seriously, I could go on and on about my favorite flowers!

What’s your favorite part of Spring? Do you plant a garden or flowers where you live? 

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”” – Robin Williams 

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