31 Days of Journaling Prompts: Confessions

Day 19: Confessions

Before you start thinking that I’m going to spill my guts of everything I’ve ever done in my life or even a couple of major confessions, I’m here to tell you that this is going to be a fun post. Sure, we all have secrets, though I don’t have too terribly many secrets, as I am a TMI Oversharer kinda person. However, I don’t think a public blog is where I need to be airing my dirty laundry. I’m just going to have fun with this and list some fun, and somewhat random facts that make me who I am.

  • I am still afraid to be outside in the dark. For real. I can handle it if someone is with me or nearby, but no way if I am alone.
  • I feel compelled to brush my teeth right after drying off from a shower, even if I happened to brush my teeth before I took a shower.
  • I have a slight OCD issue of things being in pairs or equal numbers. I can remember being this way even as a child. It’s hard to explain but one example I have is that sometimes I will sort out things like Skittles or M&M’s and eat them in a particular order
  • My other OCD is all things related to time. I like scheduling things in advance and knowing what I am doing at all times. I’m very much a planner kind of person and not very spontaneous.
  • I often eat things in layers. KitKats are the best for this!
  • When cooking, I add garlic to most every not-sweet dish and cinnamon to almost every sweet dish.
  • I want to consider myself a writer, but I have no real desire to be published for various reasons. I don’t feel confident enough to classify myself as a writer but more of a journaler. I often compare my writing style to others and wish I could write like other people but try to convince myself that my style is fine.
  • I love to sew and make crafts. Friends have always told me that I should sell what I make, and last year I tried my hand at running a small business making purses. Once it turned into ‘work’, I lost interest in it and let the business go. Maybe I’ll get back to it someday, but in the mean time, I’d rather to stick to making them for myself and as gifts for my friends and family.
  • I cannot roller skate to save my life but would LOVE to be a roller derby girl.
  • I don’t like the feel of wet russet potatoes but the smooth, wet surface of red/new potatoes and Yukon Gold potatoes don’t feel weird.
  • Sorting, organizing and counting relaxes me. When I worked as a teller at a credit union, I enjoyed sorting and counting coins to wrap.
  • I have a dream to build a tiny Victorian-style cottage to have as a second home. I keep a print out of my inspiration house on my desk at work so that I never forget that dream.

What “confessions” do you have? What quirky, weird, random or fun things make you who you are? 

“Confession of errors is like a broom which sweeps away the dirt and leaves the surface brighter and clearer. I feel stronger for confession.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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