Weekend Links 2/15/13

Have you started your Christmas shopping? I’m almost done. If you find a little extra time this weekend, I’d like to recommend checking out these links that I found this week. 

Sticky Links

What were some links that you enjoyed reading this week? 


4 thoughts on “Weekend Links 2/15/13

  1. You have your Christmas shopping done? Wow. Ok you are officially the most organized person I know! 🙂 I don’t even start mine until the Fall usually. Once in a great while if I see some good after Christmas sales, I may pick up a few things in January though.

    • HA! That’s hilarious! I copied the format of an old post, and I KNOW I changed that part, but I guess it didn’t get saved. NO, I have not done my Christmas shopping yet! I’d be a crazy woman if I had! 😀 Good catch, Bekah!

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