Five Minute Friday: Stretch

The rules: Write for five minutes. No editing, revising, or over thinking. Just write.

Today’s Topic: Stretch


I stretch in the morning to waken the muscles that have been asleep all night. I take in a deep breath and yawn. It feels good to get oxygen in my lungs and to my brain.

It’s Friday!

The introvert in me loves Fridays because I get to work from home and have a mostly quiet day, at least from the comings and goings of the office space around me during the rest of the week. I get to move at my own pace. I use my time to catch up on things that got put aside and follow up on the tasks that I started earlier in the week. It feels good to clean out my Inbox.

As the last stretch of the day approaches, I start to cook a healthy meal for my husband and I to enjoy. Tonight’s meal is going to be grilled squash quesadillas. I can’t wait to give this new recipe a try! I love cooking, and I enjoy hearing the feedback.

So I stretch again to get my work day started after thinking of the plans that I have for my day. It’s going to be a good one!


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6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Stretch

  1. the introvert inside of me loves fridays, too. i still work, but over half of my co-workers are in a meeting and so i get quite a bit of quiet prayerful time with just a five or so people around instead of twenty. fridays feel like a good, quiet, and comfortable kind of day

  2. it feels so good to stretch in the mornings as a way to wake up. your Fridays at home sound fabulous. when i worked, i loved starting the weekend with a clean in box and an well ordered DONE list.

  3. I always love a new beginning. Your take on the word stretch reminds me of the beginning of a new day – stretching and thinking of a day filled with good things for me to do!

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