Do you speak more than one language?  How did you learn the additional languages?

While I can’t say that I SPEAK more than one language, I do know some Spanish. I took Spanish in high school and college. I know just enough to be able to understand most words on menus at Mexican restaurants and pick up words here and there on TV. I am NOT fluent enough to carry on a conversation with anyone who speaks Spanish on a regular basis. I’ve also never gone to a Spanish-speaking country to see just how well (or not well) I could get around with what little I understand.

I’ve thought about taking a Rosetta Stone course in Spanish to brush up on my skills, but holy cow have you seen the prices for those courses?!?! I’m sure they are well worth the cost if they work as well as I’ve heard, but I don’t have the disposable income to warrant such a purchase.

So for now, I’ll keep with the broken words that I understand and speak. Maybe one day what little knowledge I have will be handy.

What languages can you speak? Do you know them well enough to be fluent?

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NaBloPoMo November 2012