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The Pied Piper Eatery

David and I love going to The Pied Piper Eatery, but we love recommending out of town guests to visit the eatery even more. I can’t remember exactly how we found out about it, but I think it was through Yelp. It truly is one of those hidden gems in Nashville because it’s a little off the beaten path in the Ingleweood neighborhood of East Nashville. The theme is Rock-n-Roll diner with both the decor and the dishes they offer. Where else can you get a Fleetwood Mac ‘n Cheese and a Jerry Garcia Frito Pie in the same place? The decor is a random sort of mix, probably from yard sales and thrift stores, but it lends a certain charm to the place. Other dishes that are worth trying are the Monty “Python” Cristo, the Dolly Parton Chicken Melt (a giant breast of chicken, of course), and the fried green tomatoes when they are in season (though I can’t remember their catchy name).

And ladies, especially those who were tweens in the late 80’s-early 90’s – be sure to check out the ladies room. I won’t spoil the surprise 🙂

The Pied Piper Eatery
1601 Riverside Dr
Nashville TN 37216
(615) 228-2795

Photo Credit: The Pied Piper Creamery

The Pied Piper Creamery

Also in East Nashville in the Five Points District is The Pied Piper Creamery. The Creamery owner and the Eatery owner are sisters. This is THE place in Nashville to get homemade ice cream in some really awesome flavor combinations that you won’t find anywhere else. They have 24 “punny” flavors at all times, with a few that are permanent fixtures, such as Trailer Trash (Vanilla with Oreo, Twix, Butterfinger, Nestle Crunch, Snickers, M&Ms, and Reese’s Pieces…it’s like all of the guilty pleasures in one) and Some Like It Hot (Chocolate with cinnamon and cayenne pepper). I’ve tried several of their other flavors, as well, and have never been disappointed. The neighborhood is adorable and quaint, and a great place to be with some ice cream on a pleasant day. 

You can also get some flavors of the Creamery ice cream at the Eatery, but we usually end up visiting both establishments when we’re in the area.

The Pied Piper Creamery
114 South 11th Street
Nashville, TN 37206
(615) 227-4114

This post is part of a series I am writing, 31 Days of Nashville, where I am introducing several awesome places that make Nashville a great place to live and visit. Each day of the week has a different theme, and I am trying to focus on those hidden gems that aren’t as well known but just as worthy. 

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