Red Rose Simply Indulgent Tea


Red Rose Simply Indulgent

I am a huge fan of tea. There’s not too terribly many teas that I have met that I didn’t like. I’ve tried multiple brands, flavors, styles, loose leaf and individually bagged. Only recently did I find out about Red Rose tea, and I feel like I have been missing out on something awesome. Bottom line – these teas really are indulgent without the guilt. There’s no extra calories behind the flavors of the Simply Indulgent teas.

I had the opportunity to try the Decaffeinated Lemon Chiffon and the Crème Caramel. The Crème Caramel was just as delicious as it sounds, but I admit that I was hesitant before trying the Lemon Chiffon because – well, even though I am a proud Southern girl who loves lemon desserts and lemonade, I do not like lemon in my tea. *gasps* I KNOW! It surprises many people. I’m glad that I decided to put my fears aside and give it a try, because it totally tastes like a dessert and not your regular lemon tea. I was able to get the flavor of a delectable dessert without the calories or the flavor of what I have always known lemon tea to taste like. This was a huge win for me!


I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.




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