Do you have any experience with mentoring?
Have you been encouraged by a mentor in your life?
Are you a mentor to someone else?

I’m looking to write a series on mentoring and would love your input and feedback. I am looking for mentoring relationships of all types: mentoring a child, mentoring another adult, past experiences, current experiences and so on. If you’ve been part of a mentoring relationship, I want to hear your story!

Here is a list of planned topics for the month of January (National Mentoring Month) that will be discussed on Nearly Missed It.

  • What is a mentor?
  • Mentoring a child, teenager and adult
  • Mentoring in business, education and online
  • Thank Your Mentor Day
  • I am a Mentor Social Media Day
  • Famous mentors
  • How to become a mentor or find a mentor
  • Resources for mentors
  • Guest posts

If you would like to contribute information or experience, please provide your information below, and I will get in touch with you.


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