31 Days of Nashville – Festivals

4 - Festivals

I don’t know about other cities, but it seems like there’s a festival of some sort in or around Nashville most weekends. With the weather being the most predictable around this time of year, several outdoor festivals are planned.

TACA Festival
This past weekend was the annual TACA Fall Craft Fair featuring the Tennessee Association of Craft Artists showing us all of the hard work and talent they put into their craft and art. I’ve been several years, and I think it gets bigger each time I attend. There is something there for just about everyone, and it’s quite the experience to see the variety of artists we have in the state who gather in Centennial Park.

Made in Nashville Festival
A couple of weekends ago, the 2nd Annual Made in Nashville Festival, also in Centennial Park. This festival was a bit smaller but featured only local artisans, whether their art be music, food or craft. Small didn’t necessarily mean that it wasn’t worth the time, because I love that it was small. Nashville has this sort of small feel considering it’s the state’s capital. The best part was being introduced to so many local companies that I can now support by purchasing local.

Also this month is Oktoberfest. I’m pretty sure that most cities with German residents has an Oktoberfest of some sort, and Nashville is no exception. This year is the 34th year for the event, and I can remember going as a kid. Oktoberfest in Nashville features live music, lots of German foods, tours of the historic churches in the Germantown neighborhood, and vendors. It’s also proud to be the city’s longest running cultural festival.

Celebrate Nashville Cultural Celebration
Speaking of cultural festivals, October is also when the Celebrate Nashville Cultural Celebration is held. Nashville seems to be a place that people just love to make home, so every year we come together and celebrate that diversity with performances, traditional food and many MANY crafts. This festival is also in Centennial Park, which just goes to show how lucky we are to have a park to house many events throughout the fall and the rest of the year.

Last but not least, I wanted to mention Barktoberfest. I have to admit that I have never been, and I won’t be able to attend this year because it’s the day after my Maggie’s “lady surgery,” but as a Dog Mom, I’m excited to see more and more events offered for those of us with fur kids. It looks like it will be a fun event, and I hope to be able to go next year!

Now Playing Nashville
I’ve focused mostly on the events going on this time of the year, but Now Playing Nashville is the best place to check to see what might be happening when you’re in Nashville any time of the year.

Have you been to any of the festivals I’ve listed? How about other festivals in Nashville?

This post is part of a series I am writing, 31 Days of Nashville, where I am introducing several awesome places that make Nashville a great place to live and visit. Each day of the week has a different theme, and I am trying to focus on those hidden gems that aren’t as well known but just as worthy. 

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