31 Days of Nashville – Love Circle

2 - Love Circle

One of the best views of Nashville can be seen atop the hill at Love Circle. For years, I thought Love Circle got its name from the early days of “make out spots”, however it’s named after John H. Love, whom the city of Nashville bought the land.

Love Circle is located just off West End at Murphy Road, and is a popular place to visit in the early morning hours to watch the sunrise over the Nashville skyline, but the view is amazing any time of the day. Most residents of Nashville have probably visited Love Circle at least once, if not a dozen times.

The homes in and around Love Circle are both interesting and unique, including country musician, John Rich, whose boxy house can’t be missed, as the gates proudly announces it as Mt. Richmore. It’s also a popular spot for many, many photos.

This post is part of a series I am writing, 31 Days of Nashville, where I am introducing several awesome places that make Nashville a great place to live and visit. Each day of the week has a different theme, and I am trying to focus on those hidden gems that aren’t as well known but just as worthy. 

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